Project Description

routeIn June 2015, the Waukesha County Department of Public Works (Waukesha County) began a detailed study of the North Avenue corridor between Calhoun Road and 124th Street at the Milwaukee County Line, a distance of approximately 3 miles. The corridor is a mix of two- and four-lane roadway, with turn lanes at selected intersections and a significant number of residential and business driveways located throughout the project’s length. Important abutting land uses include private homes, businesses and parking lots, parks, cemeteries, a major railroad crossing near the busy North Avenue/Pilgrim Parkway intersection, and wetlands associated with river and ditch crossings.

Please see the Study Area Map included here for some information regarding the project limits and features along both sides of North Avenue between Calhoun Road and 124th Street.

Project Process

Waukesha County will be completing a detailed study of a wide range of existing conditions, including:

  • Traffic volumes, growth and congestion
  • Safety performance, specifically reviewing crashes and crash types and frequencies
  • Pedestrian, bike, and other multi-modal use of the roadway
  • Potentially historic and archaeological elements of buildings and land uses along the corridor.

Waukesha County is now assessing a range of alternatives intended to address and improve noted deficiencies in operations and user safety. These alternatives range from fairly minimal (reconstruct the roadway as is), to safety improvements, to adding lanes along the route and at intersections. These alternatives will be shared extensively with users, residents, business owners, and others along the corridor and beyond.

Project Schedule

After the range of alternatives is developed and reviewed with stakeholders, they will be refined. It is expected that Waukesha County will selected a preferred alternative in mid-2016. Subject to agency and stakeholder acceptance, and to funding availability, Waukesha County anticipates preparing design plans for the selected alternative in 2017-2018, and initiating construction in 2019.

Waukesha County will coordinate extensively with the City of Brookfield, the Village of Elm Grove, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and a wide range of neighborhood, business, community service, and review agency stakeholders to develop a range of alternatives for reconstruction of North Avenue.

Next Steps

Waukesha County has developed a project mailing list (all those with property abutting North Avenue will be included in that list, and will receive regular project notices and updates). If you would like to be added to the mailing list via email or US mail, please fill out the form below.

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